“ASK THE EXPERT” about the 7 ways to fuel your kids brain

28 Sep

EXPERT:  Cheri Harrison is the pediatric program coordinator for the Center for Healthy Families at Memorial Medical Center.

·        1: Start the day with breakfast
·        2: Eat a well-balanced diet
·        3: Challenge your child’s mind
·        4: Make time for free play
·        5: Exercise regularly
·        6: Limit the amount of screen time
·         7: Get adequate sleep

“ASK THE EXPERT” about The AHA-McKesson Quest For Quality Prize

3 Aug

CallahanChuck-01smExpert: Dr. Charles Callahan is executive vice president and chief operating officer for Memorial Health System

He discusses this prestigious prize given to Memorial Medical Center.

A very interesting conversation that talks about the new ways that Memorial is changing medicine and treatment for their patients. Interesting discussion about the administrative and medical process of healing.